1. lizz is addicted to the tv guide channel and it often lulls her to sleep

2. lizz is a great cook--specialties include turkey soup, "she's a lady", popcorn, and various Portuguese dishes

3. lizz loves rolling rock beer, tequila, and pete's wicked ale (especially because you get to say wicked)

4. lizz has been to Portugual 3 times and never tires of its beauty and charm...except in Lisbon--they are rude

5. lizz has been a part of at least 13 weddings, been invited and attended at least 113 weddings, and has caught the bouquet 5 times--but still is not married

6. lizz starting getting gray hair at age 12

7. lizz has been a girl scout, teaches girl scouts, and has gained many a pound eating girl scout cookies

8. lizz loves cheesey 80's music, cheesey 80's movies, and cheesey food items

9. lizz has the soundtrack to grease, the soundtrack to saturday night fever, and linda rondstadt's greatest hits--all on 8-trak (working 8-trak player exists at mom and dad's house)--and still listens to them

10. lizz once worked backstage on a play where she had to fire a gun offstage, and she often walked around holding the gun in the air like she was a spy investigating some wrongdoings

11. lizz sometimes pretends that she was miss massachusetts 1989--she even has a tiarra--and some people actually believe her

12. lizz loves the pretender because she often wishes she could be like that

13. after her debut to ten people at don't tell mama's cabaret room, she then had a real debut at gladys' comedy room inside hamburger harry's--mighty fine burger let me tell you--to around 77 people

14. lizz always prefers odd numbers

15. lizz was a big fan of garanimals and that's why she shops at the gap and old navy--she can still easily mix and match

16. lizz once tried to train for the olympic swim team in her 4 foot above ground pool--she didn't do so well--that's hard

17. lizz was once a part of the Scott Baio fan club, owned his only album, and had sixty six pictures of him on her wall--most of which she would kiss goodnight

18. as a young child of 3 or 4 years of age, she once convinced her brother to bike to their aunt's house about 7 miles away--they were caught when trying to put air in lizz's tricycle tires

19. lizz hates cats

20. lizz once entered a miss tiger beat competition and should have won!!!

21. lizz once tried to get herself on tv by writing to the Ivory Soap people and saying she was an Ivory soap gal--they denied her the opportunity, but she still stands by their soap

22. lizz doesn't like pina coladas, but she loves getting caught in the rain (sidebar: she hates umbrellas)

23. lizz cherishes her family and friends and their never-ending support

24. lizz has a hat collection of all sorts--big fan of the hat

25. lizz's first car was a 1979 gremlin and it had fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror

26. lizz was an accident prone child--they knew her by name in x-ray

27. lizz's favorite number is 27, her birthday is march 27th , and her watch alarm goes off every day at 3:27pm

28. lizz often played with legos and pretended her crayons were people who lived in the lego houses she built--she even built a working swimming pool once

29. lizz adores and respects the talents of gilda radner, carol burnett, lucille ball, madeline kahn, mary tyler moore, tim conway, harvey korman, mel brooks, steve martin, dick van dyke(in the early days), donald o'connor, soupy sales, andy kaufman, and ernie kovacs: mainly because they are/were fearless when it comes to comedy and changed the way people think

30. lizz carries around a bookmark with the comedy saint on it for good luck--a special person gave it to her

31. lizz loves the water, drinking it, swimming in it, looking at it--it makes her feel calm when life isn't so calm

32. lizz has to pee a lot-hence a lot of her comedy revolves around bathroom humour

33. lizz doesn't mean to make fun of you, she just can't help it sometimes